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Used Tractor Values: A Step by Step Guide on What to Look For

used tractor values

Tractors can greatly improve efficiency for whatever your needs, but they can be a costly investment.

However, going with a used tractor can net you a pretty good deal! That is if you take the time to properly assess the value and health of the tractor.

To help, we’ve put together these tips on used tractor values to help you get the best deal.

Guide to Used Tractor Values

Here are some general topics to cover when looking at tractors or used tractor parts for sale.

If need be, consult a professional inspector to assess quality and value.

Inspect the Engine

The engine is the most crucial factor in used tractor values.

To begin, look at the quality of the O-rings on the crankshaft. Then, start up the tractor—a resting engine should pick up speed right away.

Be aware, some black smoke coming from a diesel engine is expected. However, if the smoke doesn’t clear up, or if it’s a different color, there’s an engine problem. Also, take a look at the engine’s ventilation system: put a piece of paper over the pipe, any oil that blows out is a bad sign.

Fire or Flood Damage

Damage from natural causes like fire or flooding can cause problems in the long run.

The tractor will likely be repainted to hide any damages. Also, all seals and rubbers around the cab, engine, and rear differential will have been replaced. Look for used tractor parts that match the rest of the machine.

Wear and Tear

A quick look at the wear and tear of the cab and tires can provide a general indication of the health of the tractor.

Like a car, low mileage goes a long way in used tractor values. A good place to look for wear and tear is on the carpet, foot pedals, and mats around the pedals. Less is more for your value!


Like a car, check the steering wheel to see if it controls correctly.

All you have to do is move the steering wheel around with some force. Go with your gut feeling. While taking a test drive, make a sharp turn to be sure the differential locks into position.

Tire Kicking

Tires can be a pricey replacement if needed.

Check the remaining tread depth on the used tractor. If it’s worn down to half its original lug depth, the tractor might not get its full traction on the ground. Also, look out for uneven wear, this can indicate an imbalance in the rest of the used tractor parts.

Battery Diagnosis

Batteries are another costly part to replace.

Look out for green deposits on poles, low water levels, or a moist layer of dirt on the top of the battery. Also, damaged cables and defective lights usually indicate that the tractor was treated poorly and rarely tuned up.

Look for Leaks

Leaks are never a good sign.

Look for streaks of oil across tires and hubs, this can indicate a defective shaft seal. Check out the hydraulics for leaks, as well.

Start Your Search Today!

Like any large investment, you need to take your time to research and assess any product before purchase. You’re already halfway there!

If you need any help finding the perfect used tractor values for your needs, contact us now!

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